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President: Clara Aich, art photographer
Vice President: Samuel Kliger
, sociologist
Secretary: Ilya Kleinerman
, attorney at law
Treasurer: Lana Harrison
, designer

Mitchell Robert McElya
, professor, writer
Lev Paykman
, MD
Alec Teytel
, banking professional
Steve Wobido
, social worker
Roman Freud, actor
, writer
Yulia Florinskaya-Freud
, sales manager
Marina Donskaya
, banking professional

List of Company Member

Slava Stepnov - artistic director
Irina Stepnova - executive director
David Varer - casting director
Sofia Kharkover - assistant director
Natalya Skuratova - content editor
Alex Spektor - web

The Steps Theatre Production Company has this year reached its 19th anniversary. A multicultural company, Steps Theatre was founded in 1997 by director Slava Stepnov. The casts of STEPS Theatre's shows include actors from Israel, Peru, Serbia, France, Germany, Ukraine, New Zealand, Ecuador, Argentina, and Russia, who now live in the Big Apple, in addition to actors from the US. Steps Theatre is performing in English, Spanish and Russian.

Steps Theatre started with Chekhov's "Seagull," which was followed by Edward Albee's "Lolita" based on Vladimir Nabokov's novel. Next came Luigi Pirandello's "The Freak of Nature", "To Kill Charlotte" based on Chekhov's "Ivanov", "Cain" by Lord Byron", "Last Summer in Chulimsk" by Aleksandr Vampilov, "Pannochka" by Nina Sadur, based on Googol's novel "Viy", "Little Tragedies" by Aleksandr Pushkin, "Enemies, A Love Story" based on I.B. Singer's novel, "Unhappy Happiness", theatrical adaptation of  Chekhov's short story "The Lady with the Pet Dog" and others.

"To Kill Charlotte" was presented at the "Chekhov Now" festival and "Cain" was selected by "OOBR Review" magazine as the best production of November 2000 in New York City. As Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said in his support letter, "Steps" art plays a pivotal role in strengthening our City's spirit and our quality of life, and I commend their commitment to performance art."

Steps Theatre's works were critically acclaimed by Daily News, The Village Voice, OOBR Review Magazine, The Jewish Week, Show Business Weekly, Noticias Del Mundo, El Comercio, Novoe Russkoe Slovo, Metro, Forward, Dominion Post.

Twice Steps participated in the International Theatre Festival "Kiev Travnevy". The Ukrainian magazine "The New Generation" called Steps' performances of "Not What it Seems To Be", based on Julio Cortazar's short stories "The event and discovery of the festival". According to audience and media, another production, "Oscar and the Lady in Pink" by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, presented at the "Kiev Travnevy", became a true achievement of the Festival. Two Steps Theatre's productions directed by Slava Stepnov took place in Lima, Peru. The Company, in cooperation with Peruvian colleagues, presented Byron's mystery of "Cain" and a new version of Chekhov's "Seagull", in Spanish. One of the recent Steps premiers, Pushkin's "The Little Tragedies", in addition to New York, was also staged in Wellington (New Zealand).

The last premiere of Steps Theatre - "No day, no month, no year", based on Gogol's "The Diary of a Madman", was performed in New York and was very well acclaimed by critics and audience. Steps Theatre plans for 2012-13 season include original play based on interviews of Joseph Brodsky.

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