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Past Productions

Ask-Josef Flyer

Ask Joseph (2014)

Despite Hurricane Sandy, which brought significant disruption to the lives of New Yorkers, the November premier of Ask Joseph took place as scheduled. It was a new collaborative work by Slava Stepnov and Roman Freud, a unique drama in which the distinct echoes of Chekhov's "Seagull" is in the peculiar intertwine with the life and artistic career of the Noble Prize winner Joseph Brodsky. The production was very well accepted by both theatre-goers and critics. Ask Joseph is not a story about a particular individual. Rather it is about those who had the courage to drastically change their lives by abandoning their familiar environments, and end up on the verge of catastrophic cultural and emotional divisions. Love, mystery, adultery, scandal and spies are just a few of the turns and twists of the plot.

As Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said in his support letter, "For 15 years, Steps Theatre has been an important part of New York City landscape. As its original play Ask Joseph premieres, we join its members and friends in looking forward to Steps continuing to thrill its audiences both here in New York and abroad".

Cast Yelena Stroganova, Liza Kaymin, Roman Freud, David Varer, Sergey Nagorny, Pavel Solodovnikov, Misha Freud


Steps Theatre presents new production "At the Ark at Eight", a play by German writer Ulrich Hub, translated by Heinar Piller. Premiere "At the Ark at Eight" is the event for the entire family, the great chance to get together during the winter holidays!

You'll join three inquisitive penguins and guarding dove in their exciting adventures on Noah's Ark, where characters learn what real friendship and mutual aid are.

This charming tale, for children and adults funny and serious, full of emotional depth, sincerity of acting, bewitching plot, beautiful music, will be told in a creative twist of the language of film and live stage performance.

Cast Adam Swartz, Roman Freud, Ross C. Bergen, Elise Williams, Chrissy Basham, Michael Griffiths
featuring young actors:
students from the acting program at the "Brooklyn Children's Theatre"
Director Anna Nesterova
Music & Songs Ellina Graypel
Video Njordy Jovanovich
Assitant Director Sofia Kharkover



"Do you know that the Dey of Algiers has a bump just under his nose?"

Gogol asked this question about two hundred years ago in his "The Diary of a Madman" and it's still timely - just look at the newspapers...

The new production of
Steps Theatre "No day, no month, no year" is based on this short story. This is neither a textbook of mental disorders, nor is it intended to describe states of madness.

As always,
Steps is going to perform its own story. The story where dogs speak human language, and meaningless clerks are dreaming about becoming Spanish Kings. We sing "opera arias" where one should be cursing and cry where one should be laughing. It happens to us. It happens to us quite often.
Unhappy Happiness

Unhappy Happiness (2010)

Steps Theatre’s Slava Stepnov wrote and directed the original play based on Chekhov’s short story The Lady with the Dog. The plot of the story is really simple: a vacation romance, an adulterous love affair.

Steps Theatre chose the famous story because underneath its melodramatic plot it saw peculiar and paradoxical phenomenon of the unhappy happiness. Each of us often leads a double life, and sometimes this turns us into absurd and tragic characters. As Chekhov himself put it, “Everything is wonderful in this world. Everything except for our thoughts and deeds when we forget about the loftier goals of existence…”.

The production of “Unhappy Happiness” represents a daring shift in style, space and time. What do flying cardboard boxes, southern sea beaches, wintry Moscow of the late 19th century, Soviet lyrical songs of the 1950s and 60s, and New York City’s East Village have in common? See the play and find out.

Adapted and directed by Slava Stepnov.
Cast: Roman Freud, Liza Kaymin, Inna Yesilevskaya, Daria Schabad, Moti Margolin, Masha Pruss, Mikhail Pogulyaevsky.
Set: Viktor Pushkin (Moscow, Russia)
Costumes: Maria Vlasova, Olga Lysenko
Sound Design: Аndrey Kuznetsov.

Enemies, A Love Story - English version, 2009

Enemies, A Love Story

The action takes place in the New York Jewish community in the 1940s-1950s. Herman Broder, the main character, in a twisted turn of events, finds himself being a husband of three different women at the same time. One of them - Yadwiga - is his former Polish peasant servant. The second one is his beloved mistress Masha. The third one is Tamara - his lawful wife, who he thought had been long dead.

Out of the blue, Tamara shows up in New York and finds Herman. Each one of these women lays her claim on Herman, and each one is dear to him in her own way...

English version (2009)

Russian version (2008)


Enemies, A Love Story (Russian Version)
The Little Tragedies

The Little Tragedies (2007)

Vice and virtue, money and rivalry, love and death - the everlasting themes of world literature in poetry of Russian classic Alexander Pushkin were staged in New York for the first time. Of Russian and African descent, Alexander Pushkin is one of a kind. He is more difficult to appreciate in translation than any of the world’s geniuses. Yet, his “The Little Tragedies” finds surprising and unexpected ways to capture the common destiny of humanity. STEPS Theatre presents dramatic scenes in verse: "The Miserly Knight," "The Stone Guest," "Mozart and Salieri," and "A Feast During the Plague."
More Information...

Oscar and Lady in Pink

Oscar and Lady In Pink

The play is about a boy named Oscar, who is dying of leukemia in a hospice. The volunteer nurse, "Lady in Pink ", becomes his friend and tries to mitigate a tragic outcome inevitable for the boy. At first sight, Eric Schmitt's story seems unduly sentimental and melodramatic. However, the result of a survey of the readers conducted by the Parisian literary magazine LYRES, was rather surprising.  In a list of the books which have influenced their lives, the readers placed “Oscar and Lady in Pink” in the same category as the Bible, "The Three Musketeers" and “The Little Prince”.

The play has been presented in MAESTRO Theatre in Brooklyn, New York and on International Theatre Festival Kiev Travnevy in Kiev, Ukraine.

Money Spinner

Money Spinner

by Sergey Task

"Money Spinner" – is a story about Love… About strange love, provocative and provoking... It is an exploration of human mentality, unexpected breaks of reality, zigzags of male and female subconsciousness - the form of Russian intellectual sensuality. A confession of the hero, frankness of mutual sexual relations, light, color, effects, noise, jazz - all components of this strange world. It is a symbiosis of secret desires and passionate dance.



By Nina Sadur, based on Gogol’s novel “Viy”


Last Summer In Chulimsk

by Alexander Vampilov.

The play was produced in Russian and English versions and played with Russian and American casts.

The Russian version has been presented at the MAESTRO threatre (Brooklyn, NY) in May-June, 2001.


Not What It Seems To Be

Based on short stories and drama scenes by the Argentinian writer Julio Cortazar from his book CRONOPIOUS AND FAMAS and ONE-ACT PLAYS.

This production was presented at Fourth International Theatre Festival "Kyiv Travnevy" in Kiev, Ukraine in May 2002.


Lord Byron's CAIN

The production illuminates Byron's romantic poetry and biblical plot emphasizing the play's humor and sensuality.

STEP's production of Cain was selected by OOBR magazine as the one of the best productions of November 2000.

Greenwich Village Center, Fall 2000.


To Kill Charlotte...

Based on Chekhov's "Ivanov", this is a tragi- comic adaptation of the haunting Chekhov classic with a twist - an irritating, magic-trick playing visitor from the Cherry Orchard.

This play was presented at the Chekhov NOW 2000 Festival

The Freak Of Nature

The Freak Of Nature

An adaptation of Luigi Pirandello's Short Stories.
Greenwich Village Center. Fall 1999.



Anton Checkov's "Seagull".
Alternative Space. Fall 1997.



Edward Albee's adaptation of Nabokov's "Lolita".
Gene Frankel Theatre. Spring 1998.




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