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The Little Tragedies (2007)

First Time in New York... Pushkin’s “The Little Tragedies”

The Little TragediesVice and virtue, money and rivalry, love and death - the everlasting themes of world literature in poetry of Russian classic Alexander Pushkin were staged in New York for the first time. Of Russian and African descent, Alexander Pushkin is one of a kind. He is more difficult to appreciate in translation than any of the world’s geniuses. Yet, his “Little Tragedies” find surprising and unexpected ways to capture the common destiny of humanity. STEPS Theatre presents dramatic scenes in verse: "The Miserly Knight," "The Stone Guest," "Mozart and Salieri," and "A Feast During the Plague." Translated by Nancy K Anderson, published by Yale University Press.

“The Little Tragedies”, the theatrical adaptation of famous works by Alexander Pushkin, will help American audience to experience the depth and peculiarity of Russian poetry.

STEPS Theatre offers its own version of this lyrical drama, exploring it by means of modern scenography, music, choreography, costumes. “The Little Tragedies”, the Russian classical masterpiece in English is a conscious choice of the Theatre. Written almost 200 years ago these stories reveal human obsession haunting today’s world.

The Cast: Tyree Giroux, Michael McKeogh, Robert Pivec, Giverny Petitmermet, John Nahigian, Jennifer Lee Snowden, Douglas Allen, Joy Lynn Andersen. 
Director: Slava Stepnov. Set by Victor Pushkin. Costume design by Kate Zhdanova. Music by Alex Dreyshner. Choreography by Alex Rudoy.

Executive Producer - Andrei Remenchuk.

14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23 of June, 2007 (Thursdays and Fridays at 7:30pm, Saturday at 6:00pm).
Philip Coltoff Center, 219 Sullivan Street (between West 3rd and Bleecker Street), New York, NY.

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