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Ask Joseph (2013-2018)

Playwrights: Slava Stepnov and Roman Freyd
The play was peformed in Russian and English

About the play

Authors were inspired by certain parts of Nobel Prize laureate and poet Joseph Brodsky but they claim that this is not a story about any particular person. This is a drama about Artist who changed his life radically, lives in extreme but familiar to all of us duality of Mind and Language. Absurdity, love, mystery, adultery, scandal, investigation, death - these are some of the story arcs of «Ask Joseph»
«Ask Joseph» was performed in front of people from near and dear New York, Boston, New Jersey as well as far away Italian Tuscany, and also STEPS theatre was invited to perform the play at international theatre festival «Sootechestvenniki» (Compatriots) in Moscow and Saransk.

A piece from rehearsals (in English)