Flawed choir

Heavy-hearted two-act comedy about émigré actors' lives.

About the play

At a radio station in New York, Russian émigré actors record commercials. Business as usual isn't so usual - yesterday The Maestro, the director of the theater in which they worked, died unexpectedly. He leaves a last will and testament, a final wish to accompany his journey. He wants the actors to sing his favorite song. A choir...

Not everyone is thrilled with the Maestro's final eccentric desire. The heroes reflect, fall in and out of conflict, they cannot decide what to do. Through disputes and dialogues, characters appear, destinies and families collapse, and, as it often happens, secrets come to light. This situation seems absurd, if only at first glance, and this is the intrigue of the Choir. In the finale, all that remains is to wipe away both tears of laughter and melancholy...
Playwright: Slava Stepnov
Language: English
Recommended age: 16+
Duration: 2 hrs


The date and time of coming performances is to be determined. We temporarily disabled option to buy tickets.


  • Elena Stroganova
  • Timothy Kompanchenko
  • Konstantin Mischenko

The creative team

  • Slava Stepnov
    Playwright and director
  • Mark Polyakov
    Scenography, costumes and graphic design
  • Andre Remati
  • Anna
    Assistant director